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K100 Keyboard hardware lighting only partially working.

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I had purchased a K100 keyboard a while back and really liked it, so
when my desktop space got bigger, I bought a second to stop having to
switch it between my Home and work PCs.
I went to set up the new keyboard with my preferred colors for
keygroups, I wanted to use a stored hardware configuration that would
be available before logging in when ICue wouldn't be running.  I set up
what I wanted, 3 G-Keys with short text strings, and about 11 different
groups of keys using 11 different static colors.  At that point the keys
looked fine and the G-Keys functioned properly.  I saved the profile,
but when I stopped ICUE, the Hardware Lighting that took over was only 
a subset of what I had just made. After poking around with it, it 
seemed to work for the first 5 lighting layers, but any lighting layer 
defined after that would just be dark.  I removed keys from the 6th 
through 11th layers and applied them to various layers in 1 through 5,
and they then showed up. I can get a 6th lighting layer to work, but 
only for 1 key, any more aren't recognized.
So, I swapped the 2 K100's on the 2 computers and the problem
followed the keyboard. I did a reset on the keyboard, holding down the
Esc key while plugging it in, and a full uninstall/reinstall of ICUE, 
but had the same results.  I called in an RMA, sent out the keyboard, and
got a new one sent back to me.
When I got the replacement and hooked it up, it does the same thing that
the previous one did. Has this been reported by anyone else? My
older K100 (still running perfect, no issues at all with it on either
system), is a lower model number, but both the new one and its replacement
are the same, higher, model number. (see below for model number/firmware
I have done all the same reset/swapping/reinstalling that I had done 
before.  Is there anything else I can try, or do differently?  I 
can't believe 2 different keyboards would have the same exact issue,
and I really don't want to return this one since the first one cost $40 
to return.

My Original, fully working keyboard
Old Keyboard: Home PC:
K100 RGB Optical ICUE 4.33.138
Model RGP0094 Firmware 0.32.262 (latest Version)
P.N CH-912A01A-NA
S/N 138720299004

Current RMA provided keyboard (with problem)
New Keyboard: Work PC:
K100 RGB Optical ICUE 4.33.138
Model RGP0136 Firmware 1.11.39 1.13.53 is available
P.N CH-912A01A-NA
S/N A1DMG312200EH0

Previous keyboard (with problem)
Returned Keyboard:
K100 RGB Optical
Model RGP0136
P.N CH-912A01A-NA
S/N 173222179001

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