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Won't boot dual channel, please help


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I've been trying for hours to get my PC to boot the memory dual channel. Here are my system specs...


A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo

Athon64 4000+

4 SATA WD Raptor 74GB drives

eVGA 6800 Ultra PCI Express

2 stick of Corsair CMX1024-3200C2PT

Antec Neo 480W PSU

1 DVD-RW Drive


I read the manual 30 times, 1 Stick in DIMM A1 and 1 Stick in DIMM B1. Did that, didn't boot. Messed with voltages, timings, auto...nothing worked. I even tried DIMM A2 and DIMMB2, still nothing. It boots fine if both sticks are in DIMM B1:B2, but single channel. The memory isn't the problem because I tried both sticks in DIMM B1 to boot with only 1GB. Is there anything else I can try? Please please help...

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It's the weekend so Ram Guy is probably off. Post during the week and you'll get a quick responce. Slots A1 and B1 are the correct slots for two sticks of matched ram to run in dual channel on this board. Are both sticks the same part number and revision? Are they part of a pretested dual channel Twinx kit? Different revision numbers ussually mean each stick is made up of different IC's(integrated circuits). Dual channel archetecture is very very picky about matched ram modules. Additionally, which bios revision are you using? If it's the revision that came with the motherboard cd it could be one of the early ones. For most people version 1006, 1007, and 1008 have been the most stable with the nvidea 6.39 or 6.53 chipset drivers. The following link's first page gives detailed information on setting up this board correctly:




If after following the instructions from that link you still have dual channel problems post back with complete memory lablel information written on each ram stick's label and which bios/chipset revisions you're using.


ps: Ram Guy, as far as I know. is the only official Corsair rep on this site, the rest of the members are volunteers and on weekends and holidays its best to be a bit patient as someone will get back to you eventually.

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Alright then if it is a Twinx pack that may be failing you'll be covered under Corsair's excellent warranty. The next step is to see if just one of the sticks is the problem. The following link gives instructions for downloading Memtest86, an industry standard memory diagnostic utility that runs a battery of tests to determine if a stick or a pair of sticks is generating errors:




I'd run the test for 3 passes on each stick alone in the B1 slot to see if errors pop up. If Memtest86 finds errors with either stick then you'll be covered under the warranty. Ram Guy will post in here sometime and tell you how to RMA the pair of sticks for replacement. You'll want to RMA both sticks of the Twinx pack to be assured of getting a matched pair back. If Memtest86 doesn't find any errors on either stick tested singularly then the problem lies either with the motherboard, possible bad slot, or with the dual channel memory controller that's onboard your Amd 4000 processor.

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