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Lightning node core hardware lightning: "Rainbow wave" effect is not matching what advertised in the preview when icue is really off

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I am on the last firmware and icue update. I tried to reinstall the firmware but it doesn't work. This may be an oversight, as the hardware light effect shown in real condition was the old effect that was shown with the Rainbow wave setting before the firmware update but it was supposed to have been updated when you see the preview in icue but it doesn't really apply in real condition.

In Icue : image.thumb.png.26450f3a5764be1f85975950222710f6.png

Expected behavior: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/882316927073153075/1105052462886436904/VID20230508104036.mp4

When icue is closed the wrong hardware lightning is shown: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/882316927073153075/1105052461850439750/VID20230508104150.mp4

Full video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453974408621719563/1104803906187448430/VID20230507181509.mp4


Firmware version : 0.9.16

Lightning node core Software version (not firmware): 5.1.1109

iCUE version: 5.1.1113

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It has never been the same. When CUE is not running all effects must be capable of being rendered from the the controller’s MCU. More complex effects are dropped from the list of HW Lighting options. Rainbow wave on ring based LL/QL fans is one of those that is too complex but rather than drop it across all fans, it turns into “rainbow channel” instead. Funny enough, rainbow channel wasn’t always a software effect. It was added later on after many requests for it. 


In general, a lot of the hardware “previews” will not match the actual hardware lighting effect when CUE is not running.  Either the speed will be different or the effect changed or both.  Color wave is another example where it will send a single color wave down the line of fans before beginning the next wave.  This is different than software mode’s every fan wave/alternate pattern.  I made inquires about it long ago when this all began and the “previews” use the software mode version and that’s that.  You’ll need to quit/re-launch CUE when setting up hardware lighting to check the final result.


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It's a strange behavior that doesn't make sense and it's a shame, but so be it. It doesn't matter. Maybe it will work with the pro commander? Can I have a confirmation before I consider buying it?

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No, it is exactly the same on the Commander Pro. 

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