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Corsair Void Pro Wireless static noise with ICue 5

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Ever since I updated the software from Icue 4 to 5, My headset has been making this strange static noise from time to time with certain audio in games or my browser. Aswell as the sound quality becoming very flat as if my EQ settings have stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the headset in Device manager, re installing the software fully, and it hasn't solved the Issue. I'm unable to re install Icue 4 as it thinks i have a more recent version of Icue installed even when ive fully uninstalled it, scrubbed all the files from my drives, and restarted my PC. 

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Same problem with 5.  Static in Void Pro wireless. Corsair ruins their whole reputation on crappy iCue software. They should fire the contract service that codes iCue. Every iCue upgrade has had problems of one sort or another. More bloat on each upgrade. Unintuitive UI. What a mess. Great hardware. Vengeance 4090 and Corsair One owner.

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