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Bad Twinx Mod

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Runnig Half life2 would crash the computer. At first, a lock up, then complete reboot the system. I tried new video drivers from ATI for my 9800xt card but problem persisted. Down loaded memtest86, created a boot disk and tested the hardware. I could get one complete set of test before the lock up would happen. Tryed changing the mem timing and voltage with the same result. Reseated both memstick only to have the problem return. Removed one of the modules and reset the bios to default timing and voltage memtest ran overnight without any errors. Swapped mem module and tested the other stick pass 1 OK, lockup on pass 2. So I think i have a bad cmx512 3202c2pt module sn# 0403024. I would like to test this module out in another system but it is not compatable with the mem configuration.

Do you have any advice or test for me to try. Far cry and DOOM 3 along with Half Life 2 are working with 512 but would be better with the original 1 Gig

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