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Nexus support gone now?

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I was hoping that the latest Corsair ICUE would have added something for the Nexus. But as I looked over the patch notes, nothing was even mentioned about it.

Anyone at Corsair actually wants to let all of us that purchased this item with no updates is going on? I would love an update on what we need to do with this Widgit LCD screen now. Or for these last 3 years, this is all we are going to get?

Perhaps something new is coming out and that is why. That is the only thing I can figure out at this point and time. I am not bashing Corsair or raging. I personally wanted some updated information on what is actually going on with it. As in other threads, nothing was ever answered and it got swept back and that was that. Same with all other posts asking.

If Corsair says no support that is fine. But let your customers know what is going on with a product they bought with no updates. Before someone states it had updates. There were only bug fixes for these 3 years looking through the patch notes. That is expected as new software breaks older code. I will remove it and place it in the box and it then goes in the closet. I have spent more on less. That is just life and how it goes.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a reply and thoughts as well.

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Honestly, this didn't go as planned. I am disappointed in Corsair's company at this point and time. The Round Robin support effect and no posting help or even information for the Nexus. This isn't what I wanted to see from a thriving company in 2023.

I understand most will not care or say anything in this thread. They will continue to buy Corsair's hardware and think nothing more about it. When a small handful of people have to build stuff and help out the community and Corsair just moves on it's when it looks really bad.

As always a big Thank You to the people that made the custom backgrounds for the Nexus and other odds and ends. Without you, we would have nothing. Continue helping the community and making people happy. You surely made me happy with all the custom backgrounds and things you uploaded for us. You are the real heroes in this forum. And not all heroes wear capes.

From the lack of support and the not answering posts. I will not be supporting Corsair in the future. You cannot just sweep support under the rug and act like nothing happened. I do understand one person will not make much of a difference. I will not do anything in the future for friends and family that will be using Corsair.

Thank you Corsair for the ride but this is where I get off.

corsair rip.png

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Well make that two people now. I feel the same way. The Nexus had so much potential but it's really just a glorified temperature display or some extra fancy 'G' macro keys. Look back at the Logitech LCD screens that were so well supported over the years -- there's no reason why the Nexus could not do the same. At least release a SDK for it (like Logitech did) and let the community come up with new uses for it. It's a disappointment right now.

No more Corsair hardware for me -- there are better alternatives out there.

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Thank you both for the post. What is sad is all the Corsair people are tiptoeing around this thread. But they have done with every single line that had Nerxus issues in it. We were all lucky to get an "I will pass it along" reply back and that was it. After that, they went dark on us.


I guess all the free money they received from this device. Gave them the big head. We got free money and gave zero support for it. The sad part as this will now continue over and over.


Look at the 210 views and not one single word from all these Corsair people running around here that are active every single day.


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On 5/23/2023 at 3:08 AM, VioDuskar said:

your meme should say 2020-2020 dead on arrival. 

I held back from posting the same thing ^^'

People have been asking for more than the bare minimum since release but it seems the Nexus has been designed, manufactured, and shipped, never to be worked on again.

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I also noticed on Github the official Corsair iCue SDK has a request out there for Nexus support. It was posted in 2021 and no response...


Come on Corsair -- if you aren't going to develop anything new for it at least let the community have a go at it...

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