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Bad CMX512-2700LLPT


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I've got two modules of the CMX512-2700LLPT I was having some problems running Easy CD Creator, so thought it might be a memory thing. Ran Memtest 86 and got errors with both installed. Removed one and had no errors. Installed the other and got errors in both slots. Installed the good one in both slots had no errors. The board is a Gigabyte GA-7NNXP, XP 2500. These modules were replaced back in Feb of 04 on RMA # r43769. The BIOS is at F20 and the settings are as follows RAS=6, RCD=3, RP=3, and Latency=2.5. The Dimm overvoltage is at +0.2V. The lot # is 0407031, ver is XMS2705v3.1. If they get sent in do you need both modules returned so they stay as pairs?


Thanks for help in advance.

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