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K65 RGB Rapidfire - Dead Keys

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Given KB by a friend but these keys not working. Suspect liquid damage but have cleaned it all anyway but no signs of spill. I think something must have shorted to give these related keys issues.
Obviously I cannot see the top of the PCB as the keys are soldered in. The back looks clean.  RGB works fine and iCue works with it fine. I dont think the "faulty" keys have a fault. Could it be one of the many (what look like) resistors on the back of the PCB?
Any ideas? Can't believe Corsair hold ZERO tech info on their own products :-(
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I have this keyboard and suddenly have some keys that show a different color. Tried to update the software to v.5 and that does not work. I have to say this brand is very bad. I have 2 keyboards unfortunately but the software is bad and always problems with this stuff. Also I had 2 mice, also bad already replaced with razer.   Apparently I am not the only one who can not update the software. They give a fix that does not work. What kind of company is this? Switching to razer

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