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Wireless PC headphones - buying advice

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Can you guys recommend some reasonably priced wireless headphones for PC? I'm looking for the headphones. Not a headset. Every wireless solution I come across was some kind of headset. I don't want that. I don't want the hassle of disabling mic(I do have an external XLR one) and potential issues with that(some software just assuming I use headset's mic, and I cannot change to an external one). Some headsets do have a detachable mic, and there are no problems with disabling it( like STEELSERIES Arctis Nova Pro) but there are usually an expensive and the most important reason - why do I need to do it in the first place? I just want wireless headphones. Tried Bose QC35 but they are connected via Bluetooth and it has very short range. So the best idea would be to connect it via some wifi dongle, like Corsair Virtuoso RGB does it(but again, this is a headset). I do own them and while they are ok, have a connection I'm looking for, but my ears touching the speakers inside of the earcups and after a few hours, my ears just hurts.

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