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How to connect Arctic A35 RGB to Corsair RGB hub?

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I have a Corsair Obsidian 500D that came with three fans installed. They work just fine, and I can control them with iCUE. However, the CPU fan is made by Acrtic (Arctic A35 RGB) and even though it works great, I would rather control it using iCUE. That said, I see no way on how to connect the Arctic fan to the Corsair RGB hub. I remember reading something about the hub being proprietary!? Is that correct? If so, can I just leave the power in the motherboard and MacGyver a cable to fit the hub?


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You need to be specific about which version of the 500D you have.  For the moment, I'll assume its the 500D RGB that has a Commander Pro + RGB Lighting Hub and then 3 x LL120 fans in ports 1-2-3.  


The Corsair 5v RGB connectors are proprietary.  There are 3rd parties that sell adapters from typical motherboard style connectors to various Corsair hubs.  It is also possible to make your own if you are so inclined.  The tricky bit is it looks like the A35 fans are 12 LEDs each and the LLs are 16.  This makes using them in slots 4 + 5 a bit messy.  Since you can set one fan type only per RGB Lighting hub, you have to tell CUE there are LL fan x 5, this creates a 5 x (12+4) array in CUE, then the first 12 LEDs on fan 4 to one A35 and the remaining 4 and next 8 to the second A35.  It will cost you an extra $10 or so, but my preference for this would be a RGB fan splitter and then two adapters.  This means the two fans are copies of each other but then also only use one RGB port.  Now with a 4 LL fan interface, both A35s will be the outer ring of the 4th LL.  Very easy to control and program without creating gaps in fan patterns with too much extra dead space on the end.  


I don't know if this is all worth $25-30 to you.  The other option is to make your own.  There is a guide linked below.



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