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I have a bad ECC Module, what do I do?

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Module Part Number: CMX512R-3200C2


I have an intermittent problem. Sometimes when I boot, POST shows 512MB, other times it wil show 1024MB. I have TwinX XMS ECC memory (for Athlon 64 FX-51, but I need it for my dual Opteron board). I've tested both modules in each of my DIMM slots, but the problem arises in random slots, so it can't be my motherboard (besides, it's a brand new Asus K8N-DL). I tried contacting the reseller where I bought the pair a while a back, but they seem to be out of business, (or maybe they have a new site I don't know about?)


What should I do?

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Question about registered TwinX XMS Memory (for Athlon 64 FX)

Module Part Number: CMX512R-3200C2


I realize this may not be the right section probably, but it is still regarding the warranty on the same modules I started this post for:


I got to thinking the other day ... I understand this memory was designed specifically for the AMD Athlon 64 FX series because the first incarnations required registered memory in Socket 940 form. Now that AMD has moved the FX series to Socket 939 to shed the dependency on registered memory, what does the future hold for this specific module? Will Corsair discontinue this module? If that should happen, how will the lifetime warranty be honored? Will I be able to buy additional pairs in the future? Also, what other capacities are TwinX XMS ECC modules available in (or just the dual 512MB pairs)?


(Thank you for bearing with all my annoying questions!)

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Part Number Speed Size Latency Package Heat Spreader


TWINX2048RE-3200 XMS3200 2048MB 3-3-3-8 2x184 DIMM Black

TWINX1024RE-3200LL XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-2-6 2x184 DIMM Black

TWINX1024RE-3200LLPT XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-2-6 2x184 DIMM Platinum

TWINX1024R-3200C2 XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-3-6 2x184 DIMM Black

TWINX1024R-3200C2PT XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-3-6 2x184 DIMM Platinum

CMX1024RE-3200 XMS3200 1024MB 3-3-3-8 184 DIMM Black

CMX512RE-3200LLPT XMS3200 512MB 2-3-2-6 184 DIMM Platinum

CMX512R-3200C2 XMS3200 512MB 2-3-3-6 184 DIMM Black

CMX512RE-3200LL XMS3200 512MB 2-3-2-6 184 DIMM Black

CMX512R-3200C2PT XMS3200 512MB 2-3-3-6 184 DIMM Platinum


All current XMX registered non-ECC / registered ECC modules.


Other boards / CPUs can use that memory, so no worries. Other memory has been discontinued over the past, and they just replace them with something of equal or greater performance from what I've seen.

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I *KNEW* I had seen a table somewhere on the site showing other Registered XMS Modules. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. What's the difference between modules with "RE-3200LL" and those with "R-3200C2"?


I think I understand that "R" means "registered", "LL" means Low Latency, and "C2" means "CAS2". I just don't know what "RE" means, and while I do know what CAS means, what does Corsair mean by "C2"?


Also... could I install any combination of registered XMS modules on a single motherboard? ... Or are only some of theese modules compatible with what I already am using?


Thanks again!

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I want to thank you for all your answers thus far, I think I *almost* have this all figured out...


If I wanted to buy more memory to fill all 6 of my DIMM locations, would I need to get the exact same TwinX pairs (pn: CMX512R-3200C2) for compatibility with the pair I already own? ... Or could I mix R = Registered and RE = Registered ECC modules? ... Also can I mix TWINX and CMX?




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1. That picture says REGISTERED ECC, so I'd go with RE memory.


2. TwinX is the name for a kit of 2 CMX sticks tested together. What, exactly, is TWINX?


3. TwinX pairs are only guaranteed at their timings with one pair. So if you run more than one TwinX pair, the timings aren't guaranteed.


All memory should be the same part # AND revision #. How To Read the Memory Label

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