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Need an RMA

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I have 4x256MB TWINX modules. I bought a pair about 2yrs ago, matched together. The highest timings I could get according to corsair was 2.5-3-3-6. I purchased another 256 to go with the two other modules that I bought. Those had to be RMA'ed about a 1yr 1/2 ago. Now with everything working in harmony somewhat, CPUZ is showing that the levels on the 2 pair of sticks are 3-3-3-8. Everytime I try and lower the levels or even leave at auto for all 4, prime95 shows a fatal hardware error. I tested with 2 modules in, 1 module, all the modules, etc... They are causing problems ,as I dont think that all 4 of them are matched. I just need to have working memory as only corsair provides. I just would like to have the 4 modules RMA'ed. If that is possible, that would be great. Also what would be the chance in getting sent back 2X512MB modules? I know that is along shot, but I thought it would even be cheaper to send them out.

1. 2 CMX256A-3200 XMS3200 256MB 3-3-3-8 184 DIMM Black

2. 2 CMX256A-3200C2 XMS3200 256MB 2-3-3-6 * 184 DIMM Black


The #2 modules were the original 4 that I bought and then the #1's were shipped to me when the 2 256MB had to be RMA'ed.


Please RAMGUY. I need some help.


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These are not the same part#, and many MB today cannot have mixed memory in them. You can ask our customer service if they can help you to match them, but this is not a warranty issue so I am not sure they will be able to do anything. Please either call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" or follow the link in my signature "If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!" and send them a detailed email of what you are asking.

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