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Asus A8N-E and Value Select in dual ch.


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Sorry if this has been covered recently, but where I left off in my research for a new built a month or so ago, Corsair VS 512mb sticks (VS1GBKIT400) wouldn't run in dual channel on the A8N-E mobo. Has this issue been resolved by recent bios changes by Asus or ram module revisions?


Thanks in advance!

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Hey Ramguy, thought I'd update this with a link to the information I was referring to:



I should've included that in the first post, but there it is, Asus's Qualified Vendor List for the A8N-E and Corsair VS is listed as not suported in dual channel in a one pair configuration but in a 2 pair (four sticks) it is supported.


Any ideas? :confused:

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