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Hi Everyone! Big fan of Corsair from a long time here.

Recently (4 months ago) I changed my Glaive mouse for Katar Elite Wireless and everything was perfect and ideal, at least until last week.

USB dongle sometimes work like for 20 minutes (sometimes hour) and then starts to randomly disconnect and reconnect
for a few seconds just to go disconnected for a long time.
When plugged in and disconnected, dongle is not recognized by my Windows 10 system and don't show on iCUE too.
Mouse works nice on cable and bluetooth, but on bluetooth iCUE dont recognise mouse, even if it works correctly.

I was looking for answer on many forums, so this is what I tried (nothing worked):

1. Forcing updates on iCUE, Mouse, Dongle (when was connected). Even clean reinstalled iCUE.
2. Updating Windows to latest update.
3. Changed option to not power off USB in energy saving options in Windows.
4. Tried to uninstall "Corsair Compositive Virtual Input Device" in system manager and restart system.
5. Tried different USB ports, same thing. Every other USB device works.

6. Tried soft reset by holding LMB and RMB for 5 seconds and turning on mouse, I dont know if I did it correctly.

At this moment I'm using the cable option, and I'm trying search anything that would help.
May I kindly ask for little help? 🙂 


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