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I'm not too sure if I can get a corsair commander core with more then 7 rgb because, I have over seven RGB devices and I can't find a commander core with 7 or more ports.

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7 fans?  Or 7 devices?  

All Corsair controllers have a maximum of 6 fan control. In order to use a 7th fan, you’ll need a second controller and you’ll need to break the 7 up into logical groups (6+1, 4+3, etc) for your case. Each group will be a separate working lighting unit, so if you prefer moving patterns it may better to do a 3+4 split rather than have the rear exhaust be all on its own. 

There are RGB fan splitters out there and you should be able to use one to incorporate the 7th fan. However, be aware this will twin two of your fans so it’s not a great setup if you like the moving patterns. 

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