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a7n8x Ram compatibility


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I currently have TWINX1024-3200C2 in the dual channel slots.


I want to add one more module to the system to increase it's memory to 2GB.


I was thinking of throwing in a CMX1024-3200C2..


Will this work?


Is this advisable?


Will there be any issues?


If this is not a good idea, what is a good alternitive? i.e. aim for 1.5GB instead...



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Why wouldn't it work though.. The board allows up to 3GB of ram, And has three slots.


What is wrong with putting another module in the 3rd non dual channel slot?


And buying a pair of 1GB modules isn't really an option atm, I'd rather add an extra 512-1024MB of ram to what is already there. XMS Memory doesn't grow on trees :D:D

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512 Meg modules and 1.0 Gig modules use different IC's and would not always be compatible to gether especially in a D/C MB. But you are welcome to try it, but I would not suggest it.
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