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ASUS A8V Delux + Corsair 3200C2PT 512s


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I recently purchased the above motherboard. I'm running an AMD64 3500+ Clawhammer on it.


I have two sticks of CMX256A 3200c2 v 1.1 that both work fine with dual channel.


My problems is with two other sticks I have. Both are CMx512 3200c2pt, but one is v 2.2 the other is version 4.2.


I have confirmed that both these sticks work individually (and jointly on a non-dual channel 3 stick board), but when I put them into the ASUS board above, I get a boot error. POST error reporting says that my CPU is being overclocked. I have tried these two sticks alone, and together with the above 256x2.


I have little experience with this board, so it may be a bios setting, I'm not sure. As you may know, ASUS customer support is dubious at best.

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