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The N key on my Corsair K100 RGB keyboard is slightly glowing in red, while all the other keys are white.

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I have had my keyboard for almost three months now, and I've encountered an issue today. It seems that there is a problem with the color display of the "N" key on my keyboard. If all the keys are set to the same color (e.g. yellow), the "N" key lights up in orange, and if all the keys are set to white, the "N" key will be red and white. I have already tried deleting profiles and looking for different solutions, but nothing has worked so far. I would like to know if I should contact Corsair support or if there are any other solutions.

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try to light the keyboard with the 3 primary colors one by one. pure red, blue then green.

I suspect you may have one led who died on that key. If that's the case, when trying  the primary colors, you should see the N key not lit on one of the colors.

That would throw off all color mixes that use that primary color.

If you spot a dead led, well.. you'll have to contact the support.

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One other thing to try, give the underside of the key a blast of compressed air.  I had a similar issue and it ended up being something semi stuck over the lens under the key.

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