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Latency difference between Sabre Pro and Sabre RGB Pro

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I was looking for a replacement for my Deathadder Chroma mouse and I found out the Sabre series. They have a similar grip to Deathadder and they supposedly have very low latency. I bought the non-rgb one (Sabre Pro) as it was only $21 compared to almost $60 of the RGB one. At first it seemed like the only difference between the two is RGB, but then I found about Rting's reviews about both of them and somehow Sabre RGB PRO is 2ms and Sabre Pro is 7.5ms on their tests. So I was very confused about the difference as they are the same exact mouse with RGB being the only difference. So I wanted to ask the community about it because I couldn't find any information about that. I will post the links to both reviews from Rtings:



If anyone knows why there is a difference in their tests, please let me know.


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I asked Rtings about it and I got a response.

"After further investigation, it seems like the difference is likely related to test bench updates we've rolled out.
The RGB Pro, is on our newest test bench, that includes new click latency testing. The other mouse, is on a 1.0, which features a different click latency test. 
So, these results aren't comparable unfortunately. Sorry about that! 

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