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Typing with K100 does not work when iCUE is Running

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Hi All,

I have run into a really strange issue recently with my K100 keyboard, and I have been unable to find others with the same problem.

The issue is as follows:
When iCUE is open typing on the keyboard does not actually cause any typing to be registered on my computer (like a normal keyboard would), but all ICUE functions that rely on a key being pressed work fine. This only happens when iCUE is open, the keyboard functions normally when it is not running. I can set macros or key assignments, and those work fine and do register the key is being pressed.

To troubleshoot the issue I have tried all of the following steps:

  • Factory Resetting the Keyboard (holding ESC)
  • Force Re-Installing the keyboard firmware (via iCUE).
  • Installing older firmware (this makes they keyboard work with iCUE open but iCUE can no longer control the keyboard lighting and other features)
  • Un-Installing and Re-Installing iCUE
  • Using the keyboard on multiple computers with different versions of iCUE installed.
  • Installing legacy iCUE 3
  • Disabling various settings for both iCUE and the keyboard.

And the typing issue still persists when iCUE is running.

If anyone has run into a similar issue or has further troubleshooting step suggestions please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. I do currently have a ticket open with Corsair support but it has been 6 days with no response from them, so I am posting here in hopes that someone else can help.

If I end up resolving the issue I will give an update with the solution if it is not resolved in this thread.


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did you have any key assignment done ?

If so, so please delete these for testing.

That you can restore actually settings, you can do a profile export before 😉


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