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A8N-SLI-Deluxe, different ram, different results.


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I have some TwinX PRO 2225 400mhz, the ones with LED display.




i had one pair, and it had 16errors within the first 20% of memtest. anyway, i got that replaced (IT TOOK 4 MONTHS! BLOODY FOUR MONTHS!) in the mean time, i used some 333mhz Adata ram, whatever was lying around.


and it worked perfectly.


i got my Corsair back now, and memtest shows it clean :D


however, i'm getting

" error access violation ****** at 0x0000001c memory can not be 'read' "


this couild only be ram problems again, no? memtest shows clean, but i never got these errors when i was on my less quality ram.




read there for further discussion.


is it true that A64's and the ASUS A8N-SLI-DELUXE (my mobo) has compatability issues with corsair ram? (geralization, but yeah).


thanks guys.

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Can you tell me our modules part# (How To Read the Memory Label) and the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?



All the information provided on the ram is as follows:


CMX512-3200XLPRO (its a matched pair)




All my BIOS is set to "Automatic" on my Asus A8N-SLI-Deluxe, except for ram voltage, which is at *.8 (*=i dont remember exactly, its a 2 i think)? (does that sound right?) i dont wanna have to restart again :P, i upped it to the after you had advised me to do so when i had physically faulty ram to see if it helped.


They are detected at 400mhz (correct) and running in dual channel (they ARE a matched pair after all)


thanks for your support.




ps. After a bit of searching, it seems A64's dislike tight timings. Someone had the EXACT same CPU, mobo and ram setup and had the same problem till he loosened the timings, however, they were fine on his other non 64bit machine. I feel that i shouldnt have to pay for timings of 2225 only to have to loosen them to gain stability.


we may have a compatability problem here.


thanks again.

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Geeze, I'm running 4 sticks of Corsair at 400mhz, two Twinx1024-3200xl's at 2-2-2-5 on this board no problem. This board is very picky about bios settings and power supplies. A useful link for this board with complete bios settings and other valuable information listed on the first page of the link:




ps: 2.85 volts is what Ram Guy suggested for my A8n-sli deluxe as well (for the vdimm value). It runs fine at 2.7. Ram Guys suggestions for my system are in the following post:



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That might suggest some other problem, what is the complete system configuration including the make and model of PSU?



Antec NeoPower 480w



3500+ Athlon 64 939


Pioneer 109 DVD burner


128mb Leadtec 6600GT


there are NO temperature problems (i've checked that) and the memory errors are quite rare, i've had none since i upped the voltage from 2.8 to 2.85 (last night) so we'll see how it goes.

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Garvin, did you read this?




Unless you plan on bleeding edge overclocking, some good, cas 2-2-2-5 DDR400, PC3200, memory will do just fine. Brands that offer excellent memory are XXX, XXXXXX and Corsair. Please stay away from memory featuring led readout or other extras or memory from lesser known manufacturers. We’d recommend a 1GB dual channel kit for this motherboard, regardless of whether you pick an Athlon 64 or Athlon 64 FX processor.


mine have LED displays? why does it say not to? would it just be the power consumption, hense the up to 2.85v we were recommended?





also, although not related to ram, its interesting:


> However can they use cool and quiet??.. u've set it to disabled, is there a reason for this?.


No, current Cool 'n Quiet drivers from AMD cause the system to crash with Windows XP SP2, or run the procressor at 1/2 its rated clockspeed all the time, with no way of clocking it to its full clockspeed. So we'll have to wait until they release new drivers.


Sander Sassen

CEO, Founder - Hardware Analysis



and from the ASUS forums:


The chipset fan is defective on all Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboards.


After about 2-4 months, the chipset fain will fail, and then the south bridge chipset will fry and the motherboard will have to be replaced.


heh, enjoy, i'll be checking mine once a week i know that.

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OK, so no help form my last post. but now i have soem info that will help.


Yesterday, i was playing Warcraft 3, and got this.



So, instantly, i clicked ok, start, shutdown, restart, and put my memtest disk in.


heres what memtest came up with. (written because i couldnt get to the digital camera at 2am)



It couldnt finish a pass, it would get to that, and freeze, i restarted, it happened again, and once more. Thats 3X that memtest froze every time with totally identical information.


I thought it could be a heat issue, so i checked my probes and BIOS reported temps. none of my probes were higher than usual (its winter in AUS so they were all lower) and my bios reported CPU:47 Motherboard:42, so it wasnt a heat issue.


I shut down for the night, and ran it again this morning while it was truely cold. It came up with this.



If you notice, it DID manage a pass, but then froze there. I noticed that the test code was simmilar (000000-19, the previous 3 times was 000000-17) and the test was the same one (modulo 20, ones and zeros) and the area of testing is alos the same place (108k-1024m) i have concluded this is almost certainly a compatability issue as none of these errors occur on some slightly cheaper ram and i never got an error with the cheaper stuff either.


HELP ME RAM GUY! if you think its compatability, then i will return it. (at a net loss of about $70 to me because it was away with corsair for 4 months getting replaced, i'm NOT happy about that.)


help :(:

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Yep the 2.85 volt value is probably to help stability with the L.E.D.'s. I don't trust either voltage or temperature values reported by motherboard monitors that closely. I've seen motherboard values for vdimm voltage off by as much as 0.15 volts on some boards versus actual measured values. On my Asus a8n-sli deluxe it's reporting 11.4-11.47 volts on the +12volt line but measures 11.96-12.01volts. Vcore is reported as low as 1.47 volts, below minimum specification for the Fx53, but I've yet to see a single issue, glitch, crash, hiccup, ect. that would point to a Vcore problem. Out of curiosity what Vcore value does your board report? Just test#8 is freezing. For some reason some Amd 64 processors don't like test #8. even Memtest86 mentions this over at their website. I wonder why, as i've yet to find any kind of definitive answer to this question.
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yeh well thats all well and good that "some A64 processors dont like Test #8" but isnt it saying something when its only one type of ram thats freezing there? i'll shut down now and inster the other stuff and make sure i'm right that the other doesnt freeze there. if it does, then i'll considder the memory controller on my CPU as a problem.


either way. the fact still remains: i get memory errors in windows when using corsair ram, i dont when i'm using others. theres something not right here,


EDIT: leet skills, lol, ip tracker i guess :P and yes i am. 4 months. it was. i went to the store every other day, each time they'd ring, and still no replacement. it was hell

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yeah it went through the wholesaler, still, it was 4 months... really annoying.


ANYWAY. i just let memtest go on the cheaper ram (that i'm using now) and... well.... no errors, no lockups, 3 passes.


the difference? its DDR333 (although rated at 400, my mobo wont see it as 400) and its timings are no doubt looser.


but really, this doesnt matter one bit does it.


as said before, the problem remains that my system doesnt run stable with the corsair ram, and wont even finish a pass in memtest (3/4 of the time i did 4 tests, one passed, the rest locked up) where as the cheaper does pass, continuously (well 3 times, and many previous to this). and i have no in windows memory errors with the cheaper, yet i do with corsair.


its either incompatability or faulty product. it HAS to be; correct me if i'm wrong, but doesnt logic say, if changing a piece of hardware fixes the problem, then that piece of hardware has a problem (or incompatability with others around it)?


I'll wait and see what 'the ram guy' says caus i really wanna take this stuff back to my store because its definately not worth the hastle. however, i'll need confirmation that theres something wrong before the store will consider it.


ram guy?

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Yes replacing a part with an identical part and achieving stability would point to a faulty part. However replacing 400mhz ram with 333mhz ram is not a true identical type changeover. If the problem is with the memory controller on the processor running at 400mhz speeds (200mhz clock) or the board itself then this changeover to the 333mhz ram would not identify it. If the other branded ram is rated at 400mhz and is automatically kicking down to 333mhz, you could manually downstep the bios setting to 333mhz to test the Corsair with Memtest86 and see if it still generates errors. The likelyhood that you've gotten a second set of bad ram after an rma is very slim, possible but remote. Back to the issue of the other branded ram automatically downstepping to 333mhz. This is suspicious. This downstepping is controlled by the memory controller on your Amd processor not the ram per se. A low Vcore voltage value can generate memory errors, downstepping, and the inablility to run at the highest clock speeds with the lowest latency values. The motherboard supplies the voltage to the processor (Vcore) and is adjustable in the bios. Overclockers have been taking advantage of this feature to achieve stability at higher clock speeds for years by upping the Vcore value slightly. I'm not sure which version of the the 3500 processor you have, the 130nm or the 90nm, but Wired kindly posted the following link a while back that lists minimum and maximum Vcore values for Amd processors:




ps: I'm not trying to dissuade you from rmaing the ram once again as I have nothing to gain, don't work for Corsair; just listing other possibilities I'd look into before going through the rma process. Also the bit about test#8 was an aside, hoping someone out there had seen or knew something about the issue of Amd 64 processors and test#8.

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  • Corsair Employees
Have you tried testing the modules one set at a time to make sure one is not failing? In additon, you would have to run the command rate at 2T with all four slots filled and I would suggest setting the timings to Cass 2.5-3-3-7 at 2.85 Volts as well.
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this will sound rude, although in no way is meant to. I quite admire your knowledge on memory.


I really dont care whats recommended.


I bought ram that says it can be run at and if it cant, i will return it, its on 2.85 at the moment. If its incompatable with the rest of my hardware at what its rated at, please just say so so i can return it.


I dont see where the missunderstanding is.


I bought ram thats 400mhz timings, its unstable running at that speed (even with voltage upped to what you suggest).


If the 'fix' involves degrading the product in any way (like loosening timings) then isnt there a compatability problem?


I have tried all you have recommended EXCEPT for loosening timings, because i payed to be able to use those nice tight timings, and if it cant hande it stablely, then theres a problem and i should return it.


do you understand?



EDIT: and i bought it as a pair, so if one is failing, then i'll be taking both back anyway. there is NO WAY i am waiting for them to get it back to me again. i'll just get my money back. i have 'cheaper' ram that works anyway, so i'll stick with that if its a compatability problem.

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  • Corsair Employees

O.K. well I don’t think that you are getting the point. Not to be rude, just trying to make this as clear as possible; as I said if you tested the modules one set at a time and one is failing then I would suggest getting it replaced. That being said, the issue here is a memory controller limitation that I am referring to and with un-buffered memory as you add more modules you will need to relax the timings to accommodate the larger density or it may indeed generate errors that are not from the memory.

I would suggest you watch the memory basics presentation as that may help you understand some of the chipset and CPU limitations that you may be experiencing. In addition, these modules should only be run with one set max, because of the reasons stated above at the tested settings. Not to mention this platform will by default want to run at DDR333 when you install more than 2 Ranks per channel on memory and all of our XMS 512 Meg modules and larger are double ranked. And you can only run the memory at 2t Command rate as well.

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"one set" are you refering to one stick? or one matched pair?


because if you refer to one matched pair then thats all i'm running.


to simplify this whole ordeal.


When my system is that which was listed previously, with ONLY a matched pair of corsair ram installed. It cant pass memtest, and gives memory errors within windows.


i have upped the voltage, and i paid that much money so i can have these tight timings.


so. scenes as they either have a problem or are incompatible (i would call being limited by the memory conroller a bit of a compatability issue) should i simply return the sticks?

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Yes, one set = a pair.


as they either have a problem or are incompatible (i would call being limited by the memory conroller a bit of a compatability issue) should i simply return the sticks?

I think Garvin's post about 4 sticks threw Ram Guy into thinking you had 4 sticks, but you only have 2, a TwinX1024-3200XLPRO pack, correct?


Try 2-3-2-5. That's fixed a whole lot of problems in the past.


2. What speed / core Athlon 64 do you have?


3. Have you tried one stick at a time (2-2-2-5 @ 400 Mhz of course)? If each stick passes by itself, try one at a time again, but in different slots.

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Sorry about confusing the issue. Just wanted to mention that these modules run in dual channel at 2-2-2-5 and 400mhz without any problems for most users with one set (2 sticks) or two sets (4 sticks). I posted the Hardwareanalysis link for you to cross check your bios settings with Sassen's settings to eliminate the possibility of some setting being off base in your bios that could lead to memory errors. If your settings are alright, then I'd test each stick one at a time in the B1 slot (third slot away from the cpu) with Memtest86 to see if only one stick of the matched pair is having problems or if both sticks are having problems. If either a single stick or both sticks tested one at a time with Memtest86 in the B1 slot show errors then an rma of the matched pair is in order. If neither stick reports errors in Memtest86 tested individually in the B1 slot then the problem running dual channel with 2-2-2-5 timings at 400mhz lies either with your A8n-sli motherboard or the memory controller on your 3500 processor. You forgot to mention what value for vcore voltage your motherboard is reporting; if its below the minimum Amd recommends then this could be the cause of the test failures. Just listing possibilities.
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Thanks Garvin.


Thats what i thought all along.



theres either a ram problem,

"if either a single stick or both sticks tested one at a time with Memtest86 in the B1 slot show errors then an rma of the matched pair is in order." (will do)


OR a compatability problem.

"the problem running dual channel with 2-2-2-5 timings at 400mhz lies either with your A8n-sli motherboard or the memory controller on your 3500 processor."


either way this is going back. I'm gonna go in and see the store on tuesday. i think i'll test each in the third slot first, just to see which one it is.

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If either stick fails Memtest86 tested alone then both of the sticks will have to go back of the Twinx kit. If neither stick fails Memtest86 tested singurlarly and the part nunbers and revision numbers match on both sticks of your Twinx kit; then it's not the ram's fault. Compatibility is not the issue as many are running this combination of components with the same Corsair ram without any problems. Dual channel memory architecture is a function of both the memory controller on your processor and the motherboard (and the bios version running the board) that the ram is plugged into. Failure to get ram to run in dual channel mode is caused by only a few possibilities:


1. Mismatched Ram sticks/modules containing different IC's(revision number)


2. Installing sticks in the wrong slots on the motherboard


3. Incorrect settings in the bios or too early a bios revision


4. Installing a matched pair of sticks when either one or both sticks tested individually fail Memtest86


5. One or more bad ram slots on the motherboard.


6. Faulty chipset on the motherboard.


7. Faulty memory controller on the Amd 64 processor


8. Power supply problems, either insufficient or intermitent (don't think this applies to your case as your supply is on Sassen's "good" list)

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ok, neither stick failed when testing each individually.


so, once again, i tried doing them both, and, once again, it stops at the same place in memtest, and all the LED's except the 2 green at the top urn off on the ram.


are you sure it couldnt be compatability? the Athlon 64 compatible ram listing doesnt mention corsair... then again, i dont know what chips the corsair ram uses, so it may be compatible due to another listing (same chips etc.)



ALSO. My motherboard manual...



mines not listed (just to start with), the 512mb stick DOES NOT support 2 slots dual channel. I know its Value Select, and i have much higher performing ram. this is probably irrelivent but i just noticed, and thought i'd point it out.


I seriously think i have hit a compatability problem.




My PC was a 'System Order' from the shop, considdering that, having hardware that is not compatible should entitle me to a refund, and even though the ram is not at fault, it is still incompatible with the rest of the system.


Just a question here of personal oppinion; do you agree with the above statement? They sold me a system based on some hardware that will not work correctly with each other. It WAS a custom system, fair enough, however, as a store, do you agree they should take the product back? It is, after all, their job to know what hardware is compatible.

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Nope, can't agree with you on the incompatibility issue. The following Asus link for this board under the Memory QVL lists the Corsair module your L.E.D. version is composed of:




Having run Amd processors for ages, I know the Amd site is always one of the slowest to update their compatibility lists. I just noticed in one of your earlier posts you said you had some other branded 400mhz ram that would only run at 333mhz dual channel because the "motherboard wouldn't recognize it". How I missed that clue is beyond me. This points directly to the memory controller on your cpu being defective. My bet is that your cpu can't run any brand of 400mhz ram at 400mhz dual channel. I would say you'd have a very strong case for getting the processor replaced either through the custum computer manufacturer or Amd.

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i know we're not supposed to talk about 'competitors' here. but that other ram is V-data stuff. Fairly cheap. I'm sure your aware that some cheaper brands (not much comes cheaper than Vdata) simply use 333mhz ram, test for stability at 400, then slap a "400 compatible" sticker on it. All i know is that i'm gonna try and get my money back on this Corsair ram. That part is causing me trouble (and i no longer believe its the rams fault as such, so corsair is still good in my books, however, SOMETHING doesnt agree), if its the CPU (onboard controller, i know) how would i go about testing that?


in all seriousness though. i think its just Vdata doing the old "stable at 400, slap a sticker on" trick that many generic brands do.

i appreciate all your help. If the store wont take it back, i'll definately be back to try and get it working. (even if there is a way to fix it, i really need the $300 and its causing me this much trouble, its just not worth it, hense the returning).


thank you all.





Hold on, where does it list the LED one is compatible?




512MB CORSAIR CMX512-3200C2

1024MB CORSAIR TWINX2048-3200C2


I may just be reading this wrong, (you guys are the memory experts, however its the only way i'll learn).


nowhere on my ram do any of those numbers match.

CMX512-3200C2. <---- That is NOT it.

CMX512-3200XLPRO <---- THAT is my ram, and NOT listed as compatible.


please correct me if i'm wrong, caus i really am curious. but it just seems like they are 2 different models to me.


thank you again.



"Memory module", sorry, i just re-read your post.





that hardware analysis link you game me on page 1 garvin, did you notice this?

"Please stay away from memory featuring led readout" do you know why? i'm about to email that reviewer and ask.

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