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TwinX 1024-3200c2pt refuses dual channel


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I have:

LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D

Venice 3200 processor as stated in title (also xms 3202 v1.5 on heat spreader label)


Installed the chips in dual channel fail test 8 everytime tried altering the voltage with no such luck. In single channel they work fine. Also they work in dual channel with bank interleaving off. Tried voltage from 2.5-2.9 with no help.


Should I call these sticks bad. I am unable to see if it is just the motherboard???


Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated??


Also if I leave it like this which would be better single channel with interleaving on or dual channel with interleaving turned off?

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Even with bank interleaving off the sticks failed. It just took longer. 3 passes before it'd show. Tried cooling and voltage incase it was that with no help. Also tried the latest BIOS with no help.


Is there an issue with these new K8 boards? Maybe NF4's?


Note: I'm posting because I helped him work on it before he went to crash.

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You may need to get the latest beta bios, please check with the MB maker to be sure. And I would suggest testing the modules in a known working system to be sure and set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts as well. But if they run and pass one up then its not the memory.
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