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CMX512-3200C2 missing pin


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Hey Ram Guy etc,


I was sleeping peacefully last night after having played some BF2 Demo, and I was rudely awoken by my mother who was complaining about an electrical burning smell, possibly from my PC.


I shut it down, and this morning I awoke to check my computer. I pulled the parts out and looked at one of my corsair ram sticks. I noticed that one of the pins had been pushed back, probably through insertion into the slot (just one pin though). I compared it to the other stick, and noticed it did not have a missing (pushed/folded back) pin. I smelt that spot and it definately smells bad, so i removed the stick.


I hope this doesnt come down to user damage? As the sticks were installed properly, and working fine, this particular stick has been installed in this board ever since I got it (over a year at least), and i never forced it in, or scratched the pin etc. Im also wondering what cause it to suddenly fail/burn.. the system wasnt knocked or moved or anything.. it just suddenly started to smell.


The reason why I post here is because I was wondering what i should do in regards to RMAing the stick. I would send it in, but I live in Australia, so I was wondering if there was an Australian Corsair Distributor or something that I could deal with?


I would send it back to the original purchase place, but i think they have simply shut up shop (i cant get in contact with them).


Any help would be appreciated.


PS If it does have to be sent back to the US, what kind of turnaround would we be looking at?


Edit: Clarified what i meant

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Thanks Ram Guy.


Ive tried my Reseller, but still no luck. Ive tried to find if they have simply moved shop, but I dont think so.


Ive spoken to other PC stores around the area, and they all said i should try you guys, as there is no distributor or anyone worth trying.





Sydney, Australia

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


The Ram is on its way. I posted it two days ago (Tuesday Australian time)

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O.K. no problem, please let me know when you get the new modules.


Picked the new stick up from the Post Office yesterday. System seems to be running fine, i will run a memtest soon.


Thanks Ram Guy and Corsair



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