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Any chance of getting an "Air Mouse" anytime soon?

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So, I've recently seen the Corsair M65 Wireless mouse which features a Gyroscope and Accelerometer in it. I've also recently been into playing FPS games with a controller that has a gyroscope in it for aiming cause I have limited desk space.

Here's the problem: With a controller, I need to use a rebinding software to rebind keyboard keys to the controller button which is a hassle.

I would rather have a 1 handed gyroscope controller that just replaces the mouse and allow me to use my keyboard at the same time. It also came to my attention that HDTVs have remote controls which are literally called air mouse, using a gyroscope to control the pointer on the TV. The thing is that the placement of the buttons on those devices are just not for gaming usage.

So I was thinking, since Corsair already has a mouse with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, the next logical step is to make a mouse replacement air mouse that is for gaming, in the shape of something like this, except replacing the trackball with a steam controller-esque trackpad and adding a gyro in it.

Hell, maybe they can even look into adding dual gyro to the air mouse.

The benefits of this "air mouse" will be for gamers with lack of desk space, no need for a mouse pad, less likely for gamers to get carpal tunnel and is just as accurate as an actual mouse.

Here's a mockup I did for this:



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Personally I don't see Corsair adopting this type of method unless there were a great demand for it. 

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it basically looks like a good powerpoint controller, those presentation mice.. 

with long gameplay session, it would certainly avoid carpal tunnel RSI, but you're in for a good tennis elbow instead ^^'

for the vast majority, if not the entirety of PC gamers, playing FPS with something else than keyboard and mouse would be a downgrade anyway since it's the most precise and fastest way to aim. Not sure there'd be a big market for such mouse. But it would work for other types of games certainly.


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