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My Void Pro Wireless Has the wrong headset Firmware

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So I Own a void pro Wireless and one day the update menu popped up and asked to select headset I had never seen the menu before and can't replicate the menu either to so to continue I update and I accidently chose the HS60 Firmware so I have the wrong headsets firmware the dongle still says Void Pro But the headsets drivers it self aren't correct I've contacted support about the situation and let them know there was a issue with the firmware in the headset that wont allow me to update the headset I've used several USB cords several computers and it still won't update so to continue the support sends a new dongle but the only thing the dongle does is change the name in the pc so I continue to exchange messages and ask them what i can do next and they said my 3 year warranty ended a month prior so there was nothing they could do and I mainly just asked if they could just send me the actual headset firmware and i wouldn't have to return it but couldn't do that either The headset works but I can't update the lights don't work since the new firmware and it still to this day sits at V.0.01 when v. 0.15 is available I've looked high and low for the firmware tried to rollback the drivers and everything corsair this a rare issue and I've only seen this addressed by one other person but their issue was the opposite where they had the HS60 and had the Void firmware Please help ive had this issue for far to long and it needs to be fixed please image_2023-03-21_000831338.thumb.png.9f7159e645f681df6ccc8f85fc5859e2.pngimage_2023-03-21_000626099.thumb.png.51223de098155ed97c3783506d5c95c8.png

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