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Lightning Link causes Ironclaw RGB Wireless status to become "Unavailable"

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Hi, I would like to report an error/issue in either iCUE or Ironclaw RGB Wireless Firmware.



During gameplay, the mouse becomes Unavailable in the iCUE screen, mouse sensor and main buttons still works.

All iCUE profile related functions stop to work (DPI change, profile change, button remap), also the mouse RGB LEDs become frozen.

This issue happens only in 2.4GHz mode, wired and bluetooth works as expected.




Turn the mouse off and on (2.4GHz), sometimes removing and reinserting the USB dongle is also required.


Steps to reproduce:

Performed a clean Windows 11 install, software installed:

iCUE v4.33.138

One Lightning Effect layer using Lightning Link


Ironclaw firmware v5.0.130

Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver firmware v5.6.126

AMD Chipset Drivers (Chipset X570)

NVIDIA GeForce Drivers and GeForce Experience 531.29

Steam client

Destiny 2 game (the issue happens in other games after a few minutes of gameplay).


How to prevent the issue:

Go to the Mouse Lightning Effect tab and create a layer that do not use lightning link as the image below.



I am also attaching the iCUE logs, you can see a spam of messages about the Ironclaw RGB Wireless and Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver arround 2023-03-20 17:17:32

2023-03-20 17:17:32.339 W cue.devices.enum.subdevice: Fail counter for "IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS" reached zero, removing subdevice

icuelog.zip (OneDrive link)

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi @RHBH, thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I've notified our internal teams about this behavior and to conduct an evaluation.  We'll provide an update once a permanent fix is available.  Really appreciate the detail including how to reproduce the issue, which makes it easier for our teams to identify it and resolve it quickly.

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