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When will "Corsair iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen" receive a much needed QOL update?

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Really awesome product, but not where it needs to be. It needs updates to improve what it is capable of.

  • Profile switching
    • Select profile folder for switching
    • Display profile icon rather than specially chosen emoji
    • Same screens and same buttons and same widgets for profile A and profile B, but 'Copy the Assignment to Profiles in the same folder' is available and doesn't seem to do anything?
  • Drag and drop widgets and buttons between screens in manual setup.
    • or merge 'libraries' and 'manual setup' into a more useful single purpose environment
  • No system info for RAM
  • Display temp#1/#2 on same graph for GPU
  • No profile dependent behavior?
  • No way to re-add 'mouse screen' after accidentally deleting
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21 hours ago, plshelpmec0rsair said:

No way to re-add 'mouse screen' after accidentally deleting

This one you can do.  Go to Device Settings and click on the "restore" button.  The mouse/KB or whatever you want back needs to be connected, but it should repopulate that original device screen. 


21 hours ago, plshelpmec0rsair said:

No system info for RAM

Assuming you mean for any RAM from any vendor.  Corsair RAM data is available in the Nexus.  I think it would have to be part of the motherboard data gathered.



21 hours ago, plshelpmec0rsair said:

No profile dependent behavior?

Can you elaborate what you are looking for here?  I'll take a guess.  There was some discussion on release about whether the Nexus screen should be tied to individual profiles.  Having each full Nexus set-up as part of profile data would tie it to that profile and allow you different configurations per profile.  However, that also means you need to set up Nexus screens in full for every profile, just like you would for lighting, macros, etc.  So no clear answer other than one system will favor some users or be a considerable burden to others.  I know I wouldn't want to be setting up Nexus screens for the 60-80 profiles I have created over the years, most of which are RGB lighting based rather than functionality.  Either way, a new user purchasing a Nexus would need to program screens for every profile they use when adding the device.  I suspect this was part the analysis as to whether to include it in the standard CUE profile data.  They did not and thus this is why there is a separate import/export for Nexus screens.  

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