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One of my twinx stick ceased functioning


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i purchased a set of twinx CMX512-3200LLPT back in january of 2004, which have since then been installed and working flawlessly in an a7n8x-e deluxe motherboard with dual channel enabled, at 200mhz with spd settings.


However, after some days of intense crashes/reboots, one of them ceased functioning yesterday : the system won't boot whenever it's inserted into it (with that stick alone, i don't even get a display going, with both inserted i sometimes get to post but win xp bsods while loading up).


The system works fine with the other stick only, and i also tested it with a spare 256mb stick which worked fine too.


I ran two memtests (1 hour each) on the working 512mb stick, first showed errors and second didn't :bigeyes: .

Running a memtest on the 256mb showed no errors.

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