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Shuttle SB95P v2.0 and Corsair Twin2X 5400UL CL3


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Hi there :)

I just ordered the setup mentioned above yesterday because my other shuttle (SB81P) had a faulty motherboard and PSU.


I have one question which goes under this category. It may seem stupid but I will ask anyways.


I read at shuttles homepage that the SB95P supported PC4300 DDR2 ram.

Does this mean that I will not be able to run my new lovable Corsairs at 667mhz with this setup? The chipset on my new shuttle is Intel 925XE.


Here are some links to my stuff so that you don't have to find it yourself, aka you won't help me ;))


Shuttle SB95P v2.0


Corsair TWIN2X 5400UL DDR2 1024MB CL3(norwegian site)

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