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Burnt Corsair XMS3200 512MB module

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Ok, it's a long story. It all started out in 2003 when I bought this module from your reseller in Norway; http://www.komplett.no.

I used this module in a couple of PC's and it worked fine :)

Then one day we were installing a computer for a friend of mine and he had bought cheap ram and it failed in windows because it was on an nForce2 chipset. I then put my RAM into the machine so that we could finish the installation and when I turned the power back on after inserting the corsair chip it literally started to burn. I pulled the power and when I did this it stopped to burn. I took the module out and noticed that it had two/three pins that were burnt.

Then I made contact with komplett.no and they said that since it is more than two years since I bought the module from them I had to go to you with my warranty case. So here I am. What do you think I should do?


Steinar Halland


:edit: Sorry for mentioning another RAM producer :-(( :edit:

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