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(my first post) :bigeyes:


Hi Everyone, I have a couple of flash drive from an other vendor (Transcend) and am unable to sucessfully create bootable partitions on it with the supplied software.


I have heard good thing about the Corsair Flash Voyager and was wondering if it would fit my needs.


I would like to create two partitions. The first about 100Mb (bootable) and the remaining 900Mb as a standard partition. I don't want the second partition to contain any security/password features as I want to be able to access it from any computer. My plan is to use the small boot partition to run diagnostic tools as needed and use the remaining space for file storage, transfer etc. At the moment I am using a seperate drive for each.


Does the supplied software allow me to do this or can I partition/format it in this way using other means.



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Yes, but if you are having trouble with another USB drive, then I would suspect you may have the same problem no matter what drive you use.

Making a bootable partition is not proprietary to the drive. You MB would have to support it. And the software to make it bootable is third party. I would suggest you make the bootable partition first and do a search for "How to make a USB Drive Bootable" you should find a wealth of information on the web. Also what O.S. are you trying to use? As some O.S. will not support booting from a USB or floppy media.

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