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Automatically switch audio device in Windows when I turn on/off HS70 Pro Wireless?


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Typically when I power off something like a bluetooth wireless pair of headphones, Windows will update the device status to "Disconnected" and will automatically switch the default audio device to whatever fallback I have set, and switch back when the headphones are reconnected; this is not the case when I power off the HS70 pro wireless connected via the dongle, and this means every time I turn the headphones on or off, I have to manually switch the audio output device to my speakers and back to the headphones.

I'm wondering if there is a way or a workaround to make this happen automatically when I connect and disconnect the headphones, as it's quite annoying to constantly have to switch manually. I've searched quite a bit and wasn't able to find anything related to this.

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I basically use "NIRCMD" and a .bat file and bind it to a key myself. I use it to switch from my 5.1 to my headphones. Not the automatic that you are looking for but 1 step closer. Hopefully, someone will come to chime in for an auto switch perhaps.

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