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4090 Gaming Trio I/O Bracket

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Hey everyone,

I have a question. I just received my XG7 Waterblock for my MSI Gaming Trio 4090 graphics card.

I want to mount it vertically in my 4000X case. It won't fit horizontally, due to the XD3 Res on the front radiator.

The founders edition cards come with a 2 slot IO bracket. I could not get one of those 4090's due to them not being in stock since release.

I have the TRIO but need a single or double IO bracket for it so it will fit vertically.

Does anyone know where to go about getting one? Thanks in advance for any help.....:)

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Maybe have a go at aliexpress.

i did find plenty of pcie brackets when i was looking for a replacement for my former 2080 that wasn't made of bendy asus cheese steel and found a sturdy drop in replacement.

worth a shot

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Thank you for the suggestion. I can not find any bracket anywhere that say they are compatible. They could be but you are not going to know

until you have it.....

I will try swapping the bracket on my 3080ti Ventus, it is a dual slot and if the holes line up on the pcb, it will work. If that is a no go, luckily I have

a 5000X that I can mount it horizontally in.

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