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Is HX1000i Fully Modular Ultra-Low Noise Platinum ATX 1000 Watt PC Power Supply (IN) SKU CP-9020214-IN and HX1500i Fully Modular Ultra-Low Noise Platinum ATX 1500 Watt PC Power SKU CP-9020215-NA Supply support Type 4 Cable?

This post was made on August 11, 2022 but both the above released after the same date. And TECH SPECS of both the above two mentions that both supports Sleeved and Flat Black Cables.

So all things are confusing. Please clarify.

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the table is confusing because it hasn't been updated.

the old HXi is type 3

the new HXi is type 4.

if you ask for the 12VHPWR cable, it's compatible with both since both types have the same pinout, except for the 24 pin motherboard cable.

I didn't look up the part number of the HX1000i you gave but if it's the one that released with the 1500i, they are both type 4

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