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Corsair 280x | Optimal AIO&Fans setup

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Hey everyone, I recently upgraded my PC and was looking for input on the best fan Config for my case (280x).


Ryzen 5600x

Vision 3070 OC

32gb ram (3200mhz cl 16)

Z63 (280mm rad at the top)

2 140mm fans (front)

2 120mm fans (bottom)

I have read a lot about the case mods online and have picked a few myself.


680x feet (More air for the bottom fans)

Coldzero front and top hex panels (https://www.coldzero.eu/corsair-crystal-280x-case-parts/)

80mm exhaust fans for the back (on the way)

Coming to the main question,

Since I can only fit the 280 rad on the top, I was contemplating whether it should be exhaust or intake. I read a lot online about both options and I couldn't come to a conclusion.

If I keep them as exhaust I would have worse CPU temps and better GPU temps.

I could also have top and bottom fans as intake and the front fans as exhaust. I know this seems unconventional but I think it might be the best option. The rad will pull in fresh air so the CPU should be fine, all the warm air from the GPU being pushed up by the bottom fans can be pulled out by the front exhaust (and the rear ones once I have them)

Please help me out hear with any opinions. Specially from people who already own a 280x.

Thank you

ps: sorry for no pics

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