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Scimitar PRO vs Elite: Is it worth the price difference?


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I used to have a Scimitar RGB (previous model than PRO), but the middle click died after 7 years of using. So now I want another one. And there's this doubt:

Is it worth getting the Scimitar Elite over the PRO considering it's price difference (around 200 BRL for me)?


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I have had both (I think all three) and I seemed to recall the elite having a smidge better tracking - I think it has a better sensor.  I also want to say the buttons behind the wheel may have been renamed inside icue in older releases between the two models.  Hard to say if there is a value proposition if you can get both, but you might want to check the list of supported hardware on the newest icue to make sure the older scimitar is not a 'legacy product'

If you are going to use it every day, its probably worth it?

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