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1 Bad CMX512-3200C2PT out of 3.


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Hi there,


I got 3x CMX512-3200C2PT running in my Chaintech 7NJS Zenith Ultra with AMD Athlon 3200+ and Radeon 9800 XT. I already exchanged email with a support representative and got all my settings as he directed for an AMD system (2.5 Latency... and etc).


I was still getting some crashes during games... and then I decided to run some memory testes. I used the one from Microsoft, and after a few passes I already had some errors with SRAND. I waited some more passes and checked to see the results.


Only one of my modules was getting the failure testes in SRAND. So I took it of, and ran some games again. No more crashes. No more MEM test failures.


I need to get a RMA so I can send you guys this defective module.


Thank You,



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I cannot stay without any modules, I have to work also in the PC. My web programming jobs don't get afected by the bad module, or even without it... :roll:


But the extra 512Mb makes a diference in some games... :D:


What do you mean "they all match" ? The same version? Can't I just sent you guys a photo or the details of the other 2 working / no fault modules?


Thanx again...

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