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iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU Cooler

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Fans rpm will not go past  1123 rpm when set to extreme.

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Quiet, Balanced, and Extreme are not a low, medium, and high fixed speed switch. They are specific fan curves with exact Temp X = Fan Speed Y mapping. Unfortunately the presets do not display the data points, but you can make a custom copy that you can see and edit. 

1. Go to cooling tab and click to the yellow + Ti make a new curve. A graph will appear below. 

2. Go under the graph and select any of the shape tools. Three of them correspond to the presets and will show a tool tip label when you hover over them. 

3. Make sure the sensor control variable is set to H1xx Elite Capellix Temp. This is coolant temperature and what the curve was based on. 

4. You can now see and edit the control points. Minimum possible coolant temp is always the same as the room or internal case temperature. That means everyone is starting from a different point. If your fans are only reaching 1100 then your coolant temp is relatively low and you won’t benefit too much from more fan speed.

5. The cpu temp is the cpu temp and you can’t change that except by altering voltage. The cooler keeps it from being worse. For each +1C to coolant temp, the cpu temp increases by +1C as well at all load levels. On larger radiators like a 360mm you may only see a small rise in coolant temp. You are more likely to see a large rise when you heat up the case with the gpu. This does affect the cpu temp and will alter fan speeds, so you may wish to customize your fan speeds for that. You can’t cook the liquid below the case temp, so make sure you limit the fan speed to something tolerable in that situation. 

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