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Have a couple bad CMX256A-3200C2


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I have a couple bad sticks of CMX256A-3200C2 and need to get an RMA please.

I work as a Buyer in a CM. We build up systems per the customers engineers specs with the end product being a Driving Simulation machine containing multiple computers.

Usually I buy several dozen of these at a time. These are the first ones that are not working fine. I cannot send these back to point of purchase due to the fact that I buy them from the lowest cost online stores and we often have them around for several weeks before installing them, past the point of return to these type of vendors. I keep a safety stock for future quick orders from the customer.

I guarantee our techs tried anything viable to make these work and also replacing them with other of the same Ram in the system resulted in the system working well. There is obviously a problem with the units.


Well I must say that posting in a forum is a first for me over the years of buying and dealing with RMAs. Sure is a lot better experience than listening to the hold music Intel has. I have used House of Help several times in the past for personal PC issues and have appreciated the help I recieved then too.

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