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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless sound signal loss

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Hello, I have a Virtuoso RGB wireless headset and for a while now i have a strange issue with it that bothers me a lot and I can't explain/ fix it.

Every single time I enter a game (ANY GAME) the wireless mode starts to lose the sound signal from the dongle at random intervals.

For example : I open Apex play for 3 minutes and the sound slowly starts to get fuzzy and more matrix robot like until it completely dies or goes into a hi pitched sound forever ( just like a walkie talkie that gets its signal jammed). Resetting it (going to USB mode and back to Wifi mode won't solve anything as it will happen again randomly after a couple of minutes. It doesn't matter the game... the same thing will happen after a random amount of minutes (could take 1 min, 5 min, 2min 38 sec etc)

I can stay on wireless mode all day as long as my battery holds up without any issue watching youtube, talking with friends on discord, watching netflix, movies etc but I can't use the headset anymore in any of my games.

ICUE is updated to the latest version 4.33.138 along with everything else in the app.  headset version is 0.17.149 


First I thought this was happening due to my wireless internet signal going to my wireless antenna and interfering with my headset.. disabling my wifi on my mobo didn't solve my problem.

I have 14 USB slots on my new motherboard...I've tried using the dongle in every single one of them without any changes in its faulty behavior.

I've also used the dongle in an USB hub without any luck at all..

Reinstalling corair ICUE didn't work

It boggles my mind why this is happening only while playing games and not in general..

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Maybe nobody here experienced that yet..

Try to poke Corsair directly, see if they have a fix for it https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

It takes a few days to get a response so you may start gettting that ball rolling, just in case

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Omg after weeks of searching and even a complete reset of my PC i could find a solution for those who use Lianli Strimercables with the L-Connect 3 software. 


To my Problem: When I use Discord, TS etc., I got problems with my Sound after 5-10min. It sounded like really robotic and shortly after it, the Audio is completly gone. 


After a complete reset and testing every driver i install, I noticed that the L-Connact 3 corrupts my Sound. But only when its open.

The cables still functioning normal so dont worry.

I'll test some more software in the next days but i hope its finally it took to fkn long

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