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7000D 12 Fan Issue

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Current Fan Config and Layout

  • 9 ML 120 RBG Elite (SKU CO-9050113-WW) 
  • 3 AF120 (iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT)
  • 3 AF120's - Commander Core
  • 4 ML120's PWM Splitter supplied with the 7000d.  PWM header connected to Fan 1 on the Commander Pro
  • 5 ML120's connected to the Commander Pro.
  • 1200W PSU Commander Pro and Core connected to different Sata Power Cables


The 4 ML120's on the front rail of the case are making a humming electrical sound.  This sound is only present between 300-900 rpm.  Above that the humming stops and changes to general fan noise at 1000rpm+. 
I have a Seasonic Vertex GX 1200w PSU and the commander core and the commander Pro are connected two different SATA Power Cables.
I prefer the front 8 ML 120's to sit between 600-800rpms and the rear ML 120 to adjust per AIO Coolant Temp.  My temps are pretty good with Ambient at 23c, Idle 28c, Load 34c
Since I haven't been able to recreate the issue it has made troubleshooting an interesting process.  I've read previous post about the ML 120's and the sound they normally make when running however since only 4 out of the 9 fans make this sound when this is occurring I'm not sure.  The three possible I've come up with are.  1. The fans are dying and need rma.  2. Issue with ML120's on the PWM Splitter.  3. Power delivery issue in my power config.

I picked up a Core XT yesterday and plan to swap the Pro for the Core XT and see if the sound continues.  If it does I'd like to use the Core XT / Core / Pro all at once but due to the Asus Z790's USB layout I'll have to get a internal USB hub to use all three but I've read conflicting reports on Internal USB hubs and using multiple controllers.



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The ML fans have a magnetic levitation bearing and others have reported an audible humming sound at low speeds where this isn’t enough fan noise to cover it. This has not come up recently and I was wondering if some tweaks had been made on the Elite models. 

I am having trouble sorting out which fans are currently in use snd that’s more than 12 up there. However, if the front 4 ML Elites are the only ones humming and those happen to be on the PWM hub, then I would test them on another controller (MB or Commander directly) to see if there is a connection. The other possibility is it may be orientation specific. Does the sound change when the fan is vertical vs horizontal. Most sleeve/rifle bearing fans pick up a coarse tone when inverted. Mag Lev fans were made to resolve that but the hum is the trade off. 

So are you pondering an AF-Elite RGB switch?  If this is orientation specific, you can swap ML-Elite vs AF-Elite on radiators. It’s not going to matter for actual cooling performance. If it’s the PWM hub, you should be able to swap the AF’s to hub and ML directly. No need for individual fan control anywhere except the rear exhaust. 

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Thank you for the ideas and additional troubleshooting steps.  I was running out of ideas.  I'll swap the front 4 ML Elites to be connected to the controller and swap the 3 AF Elites to the PWM Hub and see if the sound is present.  I've watched a few youtube videos of the humming ML's make and the sound mine are creating is similar but louder.  I noticed a difference upon close inspection of all of my ML RBG Elite Fans.  My bottom two ML 120 RBG Elites on the Front of the case are spinning slightly differently than all the rest.  The center of the front 3rd and 4th fan appear to be wobbling.  All screws are tight and I cannot physically move or shake the fan housing so I believe they appear to be mounted well.  I tested each fan individually and confirmed the the two fans that are wobbling are indeed the two fans creating this sound.  It appears the fan blade is wobbling on the base.  Could this wobble have something to do with the sound?  The sound started within the past few weeks and I hadn't noticed this wobble before the sound.



Corsair 7000D

Front of Case – 4x 120mm Corsair ML RBG Elite fans - Intake - This are the fans creating the loud humming.

Side of case – 4x 120mm Corsair ML RBG Elite fans – Intake - Completely Silent

Top of Case – 3x Three AF RGB ELITE Series PWM 120mm fans  – Exhaust - Completely Silent

Back of case – 1x ML 120mm RBG Elite fan – Exhaust  - Completely Silent


Controller Config

Commander Pro –  4x 120mm Corsair ML RBG Elite fans - Connected to PWM Hub then Hub PWM Connected to Fan 1.

Commander Pro –  4 x  120mm Corsair ML RBG Elite fans - Connected to Fan 2,3,4,5

Commander Core – 3x Three AF RGB ELITE Series PWM 120mm fan (AIO)



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8 hours ago, TechGeek904 said:

tested each fan individually and confirmed the the two fans that are wobbling are indeed the two fans creating this sound. 

It’s possible they are wobbling and you’ll need to take them off and run them in your hand to pick up the “vibration feeling”. If so, contact Corsair Support about some replacements. Be aware a lot of users report what looks like a wobble, but is really an imprecise application of the center hub decal. I’ve had to move fans all around so those ones are out of sight and don’t drive me nuts. 

One other thing to note is while the fans that come with the H1xx Elite Capellix units are ML-Elite fans, they are not exactly the same as the ML-Elite retail fan that was released about a year later. The ML-Elite (OEM) in the AIO box has a standard frame. The retail version has the tailored edge frame and directional vanes. That said, when I first got my Elite Capellix I had three of the OEM fans on the AIO and then another radiator on the test bench. Drove me insane with clear loud buzzing. This is in sharp contrast to running 4 of the ML-Elite retail on my vertical radiator in an open case right next to me for the past year. They do not sound anything like that. I am curious which of your ML-Elite and making the noise — standard frame version from the AIO or retail version with the directional vanes. 

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