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ASUS 4080 TUF not recognised by iCue

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My ASUS 4080 TUF is not being recognised in iCUE and i cant sync it with my other RGB. I have the latest version of Armoury, the latest version of iCue and the and my graphics card GForce Experience is upto date. Plugins is enabled in settings->general and my Hue integration works fine. The Asus motherboard integration also works fine. Under settings->updates the GPU is not listed (this looks normal as its not corsair). Under Settings->software and games -> devices the GPU is there as ASUS GPU:Vga . on settings->integrations Nvidea Broadcast technologies is greyed out. The i symbol with a circle around it states 'you cannot install the sdk on your computer because there is no supported GPU or Headset'. The install button is greyed out. Is the ASUS TUF 4080 really not supported by iCue? can someone help?

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