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I just replaced my old HX850i with HX1500i.
I noticed that if I change manually the fan speed for example 40%, when I go back to default mode, the speed doesn't go to 0 but stuck at around 420rpm.
It's normal?

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+1 I just noticed the same issue after installing my new hx1500i. Did you ever find out why this happens?

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Never mind, figured it out. For anyone else who comes across this. The PSU has a 20 minute 'stay on' feature where if the fan spins up, it will stay on for 20 mins at minimum rpm before going back to zero. I guess this is done to prevent the fan from nudging around if the psu is sitting at the fan's on/off threshold. I think 20 mins is a little overkill but the fan isn't exactly loud so it works out.

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