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Problems with iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX

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Good morning. A few days ago liquid cooling gave me problems. When I turn on the computer... at first the fans run at 100% but when I'm in Windows for a minute, they turn off, the processor is set to 100º and the PC turns off.

I have installed the ICUE software but the liquid does not recognize me, I have also noticed that its leds do not light up.

I have disconnected the USB cable from the board, and I have connected it but it continues the same, neither in BIOS does it show me the speeds of the CPU fans nor does it let me modify them because they do not obey me. And on Windows I can't either.




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The usb cable is the communication path between the AIO and the software.  If you remove the cable, you lose control and any data. However, it should continue to work on its own whether the usb cable is connected or not. 

From your description it appears the pump is not running. Usually there are additional warning for this like a flashing red ring on the pump or a “cpu fan boot error” when the tachometer cable is connected to cpu fan. Regardless, if you load to the BIOS and can see the cpu temp rapidly skipping upwards, the pump is not running. 

If the pump appears to work in the bios (steady normal cpu temp), do a full shutdown and flip the PSU off. Disconnect the wide power cable from the Commander Core to pump, then reconnect. Flip the PSU back on and start normally. This should force both components to do a reset on the next boot. However, I suspect it’s not going to resolve it. 

Contact Corsair Support using the link at the bottom of the page. 

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