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Crystal 280X : USB-C version or upgrade kit?

Jose Hidalgo

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Hi everybody. The Crystal 280X is an amazing high-end case, but we're in 2023 now and it just doesn't feel normal to not have a USB-C port on the front/top panel.

Are there any plans for a new USB-C version of this case? Or at least for a front/top panel upgrade kit, like it has already been done with other less high-end cases?

Thank you.


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Corsair Community =  users forum ^^' it's not official support, even if corsair employees do pitch in regularely.

Typically, they do not discuss future products. So, either the USB-C panel exists and they would give you the PN, or it doesn't and they can't tell much.

Seeing that the case is 5 years old, i wouldn't hold much hope it comes out. but who knows.

Personally, if i needed a USB-C on the case,  i'd DIY it maybe with something like that. It would be faster


But well.. it's a one shot deal with the dremel. Steady hand mandatory

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Thanks LeDoyen for a nice reply 😄  Hopefully somebody from Corsair will take a look at this someday.

Yes, your solution would work, but I won't risk ruining the case with a dremel. So instead I guess I'll just buy this : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003297439506.html

I just need the front panel connectivity, I don't need the speed 😉

Now about the 280X case itself : I've always thought that it should have had USB-C right from the start. After all it's a high-end case, right ? It's weird that some lower-end Corsair cases have USB-C just because they're more recent. Doesn't make much sense to me. Or in that case, Corsair should at least lower the price of the 280X : it remains extremely high for a case that's 5 years old and doesn't even have USB-C.

I would gladly buy Corsair's replacement for 280X in the future, but I'm not sure that there'll ever be one. The 280X has such a peculiar look : love it or hate it... and I don't hate it, so... 😉

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I have a similar grievance. I have a Corsair Air 740. It has a slot on the case in the front that pops off. I think it was meant for a future vr passthrough kit or something. But in the end, nothing came out for it. However, I took the cover off and cut out a hole for a usb-c cable to fit into. 

Edit: The Air 740 is the old version of the 680x. The 680x and 280x look cool I just didn't like the tempered glass in the front.

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