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Corsair i7300 blue screen/boot up issues

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I bought this prebuilt pc at the beginning of this year (CORSAIR - VENGEANCE i7300 Series Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i7 - 12700K - 32GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti - 1TB SSD) and I am completely happy with this beast of a pc. However I have been having certain issues. About a week to two weeks after first setting it up the pc began to frequently blue screen while browsing the web. It would additionly not boot up after restarting a few times and would display a red debug light on the mobo. After looking up possible solutions, I cleared the CMOS which seemed to only temporarily fix the issue. I would frequently run the corsair diagnostics test to ease my own mind but then the PC would fail the test and display "Modulo20 test failed". I tried reseating the RAM, again this only seemed a temporary fix. 

The pc now seems to blue screen everytime I run a corsair diagnostics test for the memory. As I am writing this post on my laptop, I am running a Windows Memory Diagnostic test and can see that it says "Hardware problems were detected. To identify and repair these problems, you will need to contact the computer manufacturer." I am completely lost as what to do on my own to stop these annoying issues of what is an otherwise amazing pc. 

As to what I use the pc for, I basically just play VALORANT (to which I had to enable secure boot, idk if this contributes to my situation) and play some steam games with friends. I am completely in love with how well this pc runs (when it works) and all I want is to solve this issue of mine. Any response that could shed light on my situation would be greatly appreciated! 

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