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Voice Prompt No Longer Working as of iCUE v4.33.138

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I am specifically using the HS70 PR headphones which say they are on V0.01

The voice prompt setting has been on, but no prompt for mic on/off, or headset on/off. There is no other audible cue for those features on my headphones, which i believe there USED to be a simple beep tone as default, but even that doesnt seem to be active anymore. I have tried turning the setting on and off, restarting iCUE, restarting my PC, made sure there were no other software updates, and REALLY do not want to reinstall along with my profiles and re-doing all my cooling settings.

As of the last patch, i THINK is when it stopped. Anyone else? I have not seen any similar cases posted here, except for your generic requests dating way back for how to turn off voice prompt, which is not my current issue. I want it ON, but it no longer works...

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