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Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD is Blank

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I have had this cooler installed and working for 6 months, no problems, no recent updates or changes and this is on a new AMD 7900 build. 

This morning after powering on my system I note the LCD is blank, it still has power as the backlight is still visible, the LED ring still works and both the LED ring and the LCD appear in the iCue software but there is no output on the screen, just blank. 

Have submitted an RMA because I suspect it's died somehow, was working yesterday and not even the default animation shows when you power on the computer, just nothing at all. 

Really think I will save my money on all this next time and not get this fancy looking stuff because even the RAM was faulty and confirmed as a manufacturer recall issue when I built the system (LEDs would not work). 

Hoping it is something I can fix or they can replace just the LCD because having to remove the whole cooler and controller will be painful.


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