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Please HELP - ICUE blocks (?) RAM RGB control in GCC on system startup / RGB sync problem

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I have read a post from 2017 that Gigabyte and Corsair are working together to provide RGB syncing solutions, well...
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL RGB sync with the motherboard only works when I:
- install Gigabyte Control Centre (GCC) then
- turn the GCC off,
- install the newest version of ICUE 4 and set lighting link in lighting effects (rainbow) then
- turn on the GCC.
Then and only then the RAM is visible in GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTRE (GCC) and is able to sync with the motherboard. The problem is that after restarting the system it may or may not work again. I THINK the reason is that ICUE should start before GCC but I am not sure. The only solution I found is uninstalling both GCC and ICUE and repeating the above mentioned steps (closing the programs and running them again doesn't work). It is very annoying as I never know how long the sync is going to last. It might work for a week or until the first restart. **Please help. Shouldn't there be a file that I could put in some GCC directory so that it works EVERYTIME without ICUE?**2/19/2023 3:50 PM


Dear dehmelhtc,

Thanks for your information. Kindly understand there are thousands of applications on the market that we are unable to test all and modified both the 3rd party utilities and our utilities and avoid all the possible conflicts. If there are conflicts, we could suggest you not run both utilities on your platform at the same time to avoid issues. Meanwhile, we will forward your feedback to relevant parties for their awareness.

If any further help is needed, please provide us also the product serial number that we could check the detailed product spec accordingly.

Feel free to contact us again anytime if you have any feedback or need any support from us. Cases without updates in 7 days will be closed until further information is received.



I have noticed that after system startup there is no GCC shown in ICUE4's software integration anymore. As if ICUE blocks GCC. It works fine (cycle mode) after installation in the manner mentioned in the beginning of this post BUT after restarting the system it all goes to hell (sometimes it doesn't !?!). The GCC is then not on the ICUE's software integration list (neither blocked nor unblocked) and the RAM is gone from GCC.

There clearly is a way to sync the devices but why system restart messes with it?

System Info
BIOS Ver: F2d
GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti GAMING OC 8G (1.0)
CPU: Intel Core i5-13400f
Operating System: Windows 11
Memory: Corsair; Size: 2 x 16GB; Memory Part No.:CMH32GX4M2E3200C16

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