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Retrieve old firmware?

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After performing a firmware update onto my M65 Ultra Wireless, the various macros that I use with the extra buttons no longer work as intended. The best example I can give is when setting the Sniper button to CTRL, and trying to CTRL+Scroll on a webpage using only the mouse: zooming in is fine; zooming out is fine; zooming out then in will actually zoom out a little, and then scroll up, requiring a re-application of the mapped CTRL button.

I had not updated the firmware on the mouse before this last instance, but I had updated the wireless receiver multiple times with minor aches and pains getting resolved by basically re-establishing/re-making my macros I made. But I cannot make any successful workaround for my current issue and there is no firmware repository available to roll back my mouse. I have already contacted Corsair support last Friday, but have not received a response.

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